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Passionate Media

Passionate Media is a solutions-driven organisation that is doing something practical about environmental health problems.

We do much more than simply helping people.

Passionate Media tackles critical issues like salinity, declining water quality, soil degradation, biodiversity loss through an innovative blend of practical experience, science, community engagement and commitment.

With a network of over 350 staff in 80 locations across the continent, Passionate Media lives and works with people from remote, regional and metropolitan communities. As the UK’s premier advisers on vegetation management, Passionate Media is passionate about protecting and restoring the health, diversity and productivity of our unique people and landscapes.

Our vision

A healthy, diverse and productive environment treasured by the whole community.

Our mission

To engage the community in vegetation management to protect and restore the health, diversity and productivity of our unique landscapes.

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Passionate Support

How Serious Is Herpes

How Serious Is Herpes


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Passionate Media, 284-286 Perth Road, Dundee
You can also contact us by phone: +44 1632 960376
or you can send us a message here: : mail@passionatemedia.co.uk

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